The Cyber Command acts under the command and control of the Defence Staff and represents the military authority responsible for the development, protection and resilience of military IT networks and services that support the Romanian Force Structure.

Change of command at the Cyber Command


Change of command at the Cyber Command

On Monday, 2 March 2020, at the Ministry of National Defence, in the presence of Lieutenant General Daniel Petrescu, the Chief of the Defence Staff, took place the Cyber Command change of command ceremony. Brigadier General Costica Postolache, who was promoted to Major General and retired, handed over the command to Colonel Gheorghe Iordache.  
  The Chief of the Defence Staff commended the professional activity and the career of Major General Postolache and adviced Colonel Iordache to continue the projects that were begun and to intensify the process aimed at building a functional Command, in cooperation with the entire personnel.

Major General Postolache retired at the end of an exceptional military career of forty years and after being for fifteen months the commander of the newest Command of the Romanian Armed Forces. Colonel Iordache took over the command bearing the mandate to implement the major objectives planned for the Cyber Command, taking into consideration his considerable professional experience and expertise.

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