The Cyber Command acts under the command and control of the Defence Staff and represents the military authority responsible for the development, protection and resilience of military IT networks and services that support the Romanian Force Structure.

NATO cyber defence exercise “Cyber Coalition 2019”


Between 2 and 5 December 2019, more than 75 Romanian specialists participate at “Cyber Coalition 2019”, the most important annual NATO cyber defence exercise. The exercise`s Coordination Centre is located in Tartu, Estonia, while the Romanian team acts from the Advanced Cyber Security Technologies Centre of Excellence located at the Military Technical Academy, in Bucharest. The Romanian participants come from the Ministry of National Defence (MoND), Ministry of Internal Affairs, External Information Service, Guard and Protection Service, Romanian Information Service, Special Telecommunications Service, CERT-RO and private cyber security partners like Bitdefender, Certsign, Oracle, Provision, Safetech and Secureworks. The entire Romanian participation is coordinated by the Cyber Defence Agency, a part of the MoND`s Cyber Defence Command. The exercise was planned by the Allied Command Transformation, is lead by NATO’s Military Committee and aims at training and testing the Alliance capacity to defend its critical infrastructures against cyber attacks. The teams that participate at the exercise are composed of military, academia and private enterprises specialists and come from all the Member States, some Partner Nations, NATO Communications and Information Agency and NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence. Each national team plays the exercise from home, through a secured network connected to the cyber range of the Estonian MoD. During the exercise, the participants will practice actions and procedures in response to cyber defence incidents, in complex scenarios. Within a virtual environment, controlled and secured, all participant specialists have to come up with prompt solutions to intricate threats and risks.

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