The Cyber Command acts under the command and control of the Defence Staff and represents the military authority responsible for the development, protection and resilience of military IT networks and services that support the Romanian Force Structure.

Exercise NOBLE GUARDIAN 2019


Between 29 October and 8 November 2019, the Cyber Defence Command conducts, at the Military Technical Academy, the bilateral cyber exercise Noble Guardian 2019 (NG19). NG19 is the first exercise conducted in a bilateral format, the 25 participant specialists coming from the Romanian Cyber Defence Command and the USA Alabama State National Guard. The main goal of the exercise is to train the participants, in a cooperative environment, in the field of cyber security and defence, while the sequential objectives aim at the cyber security incident response, vulnerability identification, testing and improvement of technical interoperability and exchange of good practices in the field. In his exercise opening speech, Brigadier General Costica Postolache, commander of the Cyber Defence Command, focused on the importance of both the cyber security domain and the necessary Allied interoperability in the field and expressed his gratitude to the US partner for the entire support.


The Cyber Defence Command represents the specialized organization, subordinated to the Defence Staff, responsible for the provision of a high resilience of the Romanian Military Information Technology networks and services. 
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